Jan 1, 2014

Making Things Happen: Part 4

  • Re-committing to sharing my knowledge this year. 
    • Creating lasting, quality tools at work, for friends, and even strangers to guide them through tough technology concepts. 
    • Send friendly e-mails to friends and colleagues when I come across a helpful tool.
    • Be open to receiving questions via e-mail and archive the responses. The time spent helping this person can likely help others.
  • Find an opportunity to volunteer, whether it be one time, once every couple of months or regularly. Look for organizations that could benefit from my strengths. 
  • Encourage and compliment daily. It is so easy to complain or discourage, this stuff takes time, but makes a lasting difference.

  • Making less wasteful purchases
  • First step: Looking over Mint.com and inspecting & accepting what's been spent and where. That can't be changed, but new habits CAN be started. I work hard to earn a paycheck and that money should work just as hard to create a wonderful and comfortable life for our family.
    • Transforming our family's health
      • First step: Signing up and committing to the Love Your Body Challenge over at Tone It Up. I love that this isn't just about be fitting, but truly loving your body and boosting self-confidence.
    • Mastering and maintaining my skillset
      • First step: Committing to taking Spanish this next semester, accepting that taking just one class is okay and awesome! I can always take a math class in the future. This is about making progress. 
    • "Best Day of My Life" by American Authors
    I love this song! Always make me feel happy and a great reminder to live each day to its fullest!

    If you'd like to participate in "Making Things Happen in 2014," check out Lara Casey's blog here! When blogging or posting on social media, be sure to include the hashtag #makeithappen2014, so everyone can follow along!

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