Jun 25, 2012

Warby Parker at Home Try On

Have you heard of Warby Parker? They are a super awesome (and affordable!) eye-glass company based out of NYC. All of their eye-glasses are $95 and include non-reflective, scratch-resistant prescription lenses! I've known about their virtual try-on tool for a while, but was still too chicken to take the plunge for a pair over the web. However, I was so stoked to find out about their new "At Home Try On" program which allows you to have five glasses sent over to your house to try on. The best part? It's totally free. I ordered the following glasses and will report back with which ones I choose! Would you order glasses online? Have you ordered them before, what did you think?
Sims in Burgundy Fade

Reece in Whiskey Tortoise

Langston in Whiskey Tortoise

Nedwin in Amber

Fitz in Whiskey Tortoise

(All photos from WarbyParker.com)


Sara said...

They all look cute! Good luck choosing!

Amber Lavoie said...

Thanks Sara! I'm just hoping I don't wind up stuck between two! :)

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