Mar 20, 2012

Ruche Wedding Collection

Wedding Wednesday's a day early this week... 
This boutique is too sweet not to share today!
With so many cookie-cutter stores out there, finding budget-friendly wedding attire that sticks out of the pack can be a challenge. Luckily, Ruche just opened up their online bridal store and it is full of non-traditional bridesmaid dresses, vintage-inspired wedding dresses, and gorgeous accessories! (I'm so excited for the shoe section!)

Best of all, everything is reasonably priced. In fact, most for the wedding dresses are below $500 and bridesmaid dresses below $150!

  1. Gardenia, $84.99
  2. Petunia, $63.99
  3. Forsythia, $84.99
  4. Charlotte, $499.99
  5. Nadine, $249.99
  6. Addison Eve, $75.99
  7. Sweet Reminiscing Lace Shawl, $52.99
  8. Pure Elation Lace Gloves, $28.99
  9. Endless Affection Ivory Hair Clip, $28.99
(All images from Ruche)

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