Jan 26, 2012

Photography & Food at Alt Design Summit

The third day of Alt was jam-packed with design camp classes! There were so many choices to select from, anything from sewing to web design, photography classes, video blogging and more. I was lucky enough to take three amazing classes on Paper Crafts, Portrait Photography and Tabletop/Food Photography. I'm excited to share some highlights of these classes with you this week!

Taking pictures of food can be more fun than actually eating it! (Well, except when it comes to dessert shots!) I was lucky enough to take a Tabletop Photography class from Susan and William Brinson of House of Brinson. Before the tabletop class, I made sure to do some "homework" and snap a few pictures of the delicious cuisine to be found in Salt Lake City.

                   Scallops with creamy butternut squash raviolis, topped with pomegranate from The New Yorker Restaurant in Salt Lake City, Utah

The "Cake & Bake" from The New Yorker Restaurant in Salt Lake City, Utah

Amazing Salmon with poached egg, capers and brioche toast at the Grand America Hotel Cafe

Strawberry shortcake dessert after lunch during the conference

Assorted tiny cupcakes, the carrot cake was my favorite!

Honey walnut almond pretzels in between sessions

Graham crackers taken with natural light and a silk background during the Tabletop Photography class

I believe this lovely, leafy green is chard, taken during Tabletop Photography

One of my favorite pictures from Tabletop Photography, a biscuit from Les Madeleines' Bakery in Salt Lake City

Thank you William and Susanne for the fantastic class! I'm looking forward to putting some foam board and my love of baking to good use this weekend!


Sara said...

Looks beautiful!

kjoy said...

Wow Amber I love the Graham Cracker shot. The silk is a great tip. I'm excited to see more of what you learned. Great job!

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