Jan 23, 2012

JouJou: An Amazing Toy Store at the Grand America Hotel

After a wonderful (extended) weekend in Salt Lake City for Alt, I'd love to share some of the experience with you! All of the posts this week will center around some element from the Design Summit and there might just be a few that surprise you! 

JouJou at the Grand America Hotel, Salt Lake City, Utah

Take today's post for example, who would have thought the Grand America housed such an amazing toy store? Well, just a few steps from the lobby, JouJou opened up its door for children (and the inner kid inside all of us!) last November.

Along with that amazing video wall, the outside of the store was just as extraordinary! Robots, monsters, fairies and princesses, these displays were life-size versions of childhood imagination! If you find yourself in Salt Lake City, head over to the Grand America Hotel to check the store out.
Beautiful Window Displays at JouJou

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