Jan 24, 2012

Design Camp Classes at Alt Design Summit

The third day of Alt was jam-packed with design camp classes! There were so many choices to select from, anything from sewing to web design, photography classes, video blogging and more. I was lucky enough to take three amazing classes on Paper Crafts, Portrait Photography and Tabletop/Food Photography. I'm excited to share some highlights of these classes with you this week!

I left Patricia's class armed with sketches & notes

Before taking a Paper Crafts class from Patricia Zapata of A Little Hut, my knowledge of paper crafts consisted of cutting paper snowflakes and folding the occasional paper airplane. However, Patricia armed us with an exacto knife and an awesome self-healing mat and got us started on my first 3D paper project! Carefully, we cut out a tree image from three individual sheets of card stock. I'm in search of the perfect shadow box and will share it once it is framed!

Starting on my first tree cutout

The best tip I learned was to use a metal ruler to "protect your work" and cut in the negative space (the space that will be discarded.) Patricia had great patience with all of us and showed off what I will now call "I Can't Believe You Did That With Paper" projects. Seriously, mobiles, votive holders, and even a paper pendant. She posted a great tutorial on how to make it on her site, so be sure to check it out!

Patricia from A Little Hut showing off a beautiful paper mobile

The lovely photographers at Alt were kind enough to take a few group shots of our class. (I'm pictured in the purple sweater and glasses. Patricia's rocking her awesome paper necklace in the center.) 

Alt Design Summit 2012 - Saturday
Our paper crafts class at Alt Design Summit
Photo by Brooke Dennis
Have any of you made a cool project in paper? Share below!


patricia said...

You are so sweet! Thank you so much for your kind words Amber. I'm so glad that you enjoyed the class. I certainly enjoyed teaching it. :)

rimabean18 said...

Amber! It was so great meeting you in Portrait Photography! We need to keep in touch! :)

Amber Lavoie said...

It was great meeting you too Rima! I'm about half way through typing up my notes and hope to send them out with my card this weekend!

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