Feb 4, 2011

Organizing Recipes

Growing up, I fondly remember pulling out recipes from a small 3x4 box or searching through my grandma's weathered cookbook. However, my handwriting's not the neatest and I have a tendency to get messy in the kitchen! I decided to search for a digital method and wanted to share what I found.

Sites like Epicurious and Food Network both offer digital recipes boxes. I was sold upon discovering you can access them from your phone for an easy grocery list.

I also stumbled upon a recipe program called Yummy Soup! and played with the trial. The program's layout is simple, yet elegant and makes it easy to organize recipes and categorize them. Not only can you put recipes into folders like "vegetarian" and "try soon!" but you can also have it create smart groups by telling to group together a certain commonality. For example, if I wanted to see all the recipes I have with butternut squash, it will group them together. It even has a web importer to copy recipes directly from the web!

How do you organize your recipes? Have you gone digital? 

Here are a few screen shots from their website:

(Images via the YummySoup! site)

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JFB said...

Hey Amber!

Nice blog you've got here. Have you looked at MacGourmet Deluxe ?

I've been using it and I like how easy it is to add recipes you find on the web. And there's an accompanying iPhone app, too.
Have a great week!

JF (your fellow classmate)

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